How to choose the best bread knife

Most people put all of their attention towards chefs' knives in the kitchen, trying to find the perfect all-around blade that does everything. However, specialist options, such as a bread knife or a Santoku, have just as much value in a professional kitchen. Find out how to choose the best bread knife for your kitchen, and learn some of the benefits of owning a good bread knife.

How to choose the best bread knife

There are several things to consider when choosing the best bread knife for your needs. These include:


One of the first things to consider when choosing any type of knife is the material. Different materials offer different benefits to their users, with stainless steel providing ease of cleaning, high-carbon blades retaining their sharpness for longer and wrought iron knives being a great-looking option if you want to add a personal touch to your kitchen. Think about the factors that matter most to you and decide with those in mind.


Some brands have a reputation for long-lasting knives that are affordable, with others focusing on intricate processes to create an edge that their customers love. With bread knives being significantly harder to sharpen than standard chef’s knives, having a reliable quality of manufacture could be the difference maker between a knife that lasts for years and one that you need to replace quickly.

Reviews online

Take a look at some reviews of the knives you are considering in your final shortlist. After all, nobody knows how well a knife performs better than someone that’s used it every day. Look at both the positive and negative reviews that people have given about the knives to get a better picture of the way that the knife performs.

Why a good bread knife matters

As with all of your kitchen tools, a good bread knife can make a difference, with benefits like: · A comfortable grip, so you can cut for prolonged periods. Especially useful for professional chefs and prep cooks. · Consistency in the blade, so every slice of bread is the same thickness for sandwiches and toast. · Sharpness and quality of cut, so the break slices cleanly rather than tearing and ruining the slices. Choosing the right bread knife now means that you can use it for years on end without having to get a replacement.

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