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Kunio Masutani

Representing incredible value for money, Masutani knives are an affordable entry into Japanese knives.


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High-end feel and quality without the price tag. Durable, thoughtfully designed, practical knife storage.


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Having a good knife is one thing, keeping it in top shape is another. Browse our best sharpening and maintenance equipment below.


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Chefs Edge

Unknowngly to us, a casual holiday to Japan in 2015 sparked a passion that would change our lives completely. After picking up our first Japanese knife in Tokyo, we were stunned at the performance, beauty, and workmanship by the craftsman. Knowing we could never go back to using normal knives again, we asked ourselves, "Why doesn't every kitchen have one of these?!"

From this question, Chefs Edge was born in 2018 and since then, we have built long-lasting relationships with Japan's most talented artisans.

When you shop with Chefs Edge, you are directly supporting these artisans, some of whom have tool and sword making histories dating back over 700 years.

With thousands of happy customers all around the world, we're sure you'll appreciate the artisan's incredible work as much as we do.

Happy cooking!

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