Tsunehisa VG1 Gyuto 210mm

$101.00 USD


Style: Gyuto
Blade Length: 210mm
Overall Length: 340mm
Weight: 170g
Blade Height @ Heel: 45mm
Bevel: Double Bevel
Spine Thickness @ Mid: 1.8mm
Blade Material: VG1, Stainless Clad
Handle Material: Western Pakka Wood



Blade Type

The Gyuto knife, a cornerstone of Japanese culinary tradition, is a versatile, all-purpose chef's knife. Its name, translating to "beef sword," reflects its proficiency in slicing meat and in more modern times vegetables. However, its slightly curved blade excels in chopping, dicing, and mincing, making it indispensable in any kitchen.

Steel Type

VG1 steel, a high-end Japanese stainless steel, is renowned for its superior edge retention and sharpness. Enriched with carbon and chromium, it offers excellent corrosion resistance. The addition of cobalt, molybdenum, and vanadium enhances its hardness and durability, making VG1 steel ideal for crafting top-quality, long-lasting kitchen knives.

Recommended Maintenance

Store it in a dry environment using magnetic strips, knife rolls, or sayas. Avoid hitting hard or frozen objects and twisting the blade while cutting. These knives are not dishwasher safe. Clean with hot water and a soft cloth, and dry immediately after use to prevent rust spots on the high carbon steel. For more information please read the blog below.



Tsunehisa is a collaborative brand of makers from Sakai, Tosa, and other famous knifemaking regions of Japan. These knives draw on the expertise of each region in relation to their particular steel types. For example, Tosa is known for their spectacular Ginsan, Sakai with carbon steels. The Tsunehisa brand represents exceptional value for money with fantastic fit and finish paired with the best knifemaking steels Japan has to offer.

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Learning Centre

Knife Care

Japanese chef knives, celebrated for their exceptional quality, do require a bit more attention than standard kitchen knives. But fear not, their maintenance is straightforward and rewarding.

Caring for your Japanese chef knife involves a few key practices. Regular, gentle cleaning is essential; wash it by hand with mild soap and water after each use, and thoroughly dry it to prevent any rust or corrosion. Avoid dishwashers as the harsh environment can damage the delicate blade. For carbon steel knives, a light coating of mineral oil after cleaning helps to ward off rust.

Customer Reviews

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Gareth Nurse

Great knife, light but with just enough heft behind it. Holds an edge great even with heavy daily use. Really happy with my purchase

Phoebe Tabora

Tsunehisa VG1 Gyuto 210mm