Takamura Migaki SG2 Petty 130mm

$143.00 USD


Style: Petty
Blade Length: 130mm
Overall Length: 220mm
Weight: 65g
Blade Height @ Heel: 26mm
Bevel: Double Bevel
Spine Thickness @ Heel: 1.1mm
Blade Material: SG2 Powder Stainless Steel, Stainless Clad
Handle Material: Western Wine Red Pakka Wood
HRC: ~63


Blade Type

The Petty knife, a quintessential tool in Japanese cuisine, is a smaller utility knife used for precise, delicate tasks. Often considered a smaller sibling to the chef's knife, it excels in hand-held tasks like peeling, trimming, and intricate cutting. Its versatility makes it an essential for detailed culinary work.

Steel Type

Japanese SG2, also known as R2 steel, is a high-end, powdered metallurgy stainless steel and one of the finest knife-making steels available in Japan. It is a favourite of many for its exceptional hardness and edge retention. Its fine, uniform grain structure enables razor-sharp edges, all the while holding an edge for much longer than Carbon steel knives, without needing to be concerned about rust appearing.

Recommended Maintenance

Store it in a dry environment using magnetic strips, knife rolls, or sayas. Avoid hitting hard or frozen objects and twisting the blade while cutting. These knives are not dishwasher safe. Clean with hot water and a soft cloth, and dry immediately after use to prevent rust spots on the high carbon steel. For more information please read the blog below.



Takamura Hamono is headed by Terukazu Takamura, a third generation blacksmith who inherited the factory from his father. Their knives are crafted in Echizen, Fukui, the now famous knife making area of Japan. "Refined and elegant" would be the best words to describe the work that Takamura Hamono produces. Their knives are perfectly balanced, finished with the highest level of attention and care, and represent excellent value for money.

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Knife Care

This knife is made with a stainless steel and is easy going and low on maintenance. It has high chromium content, meaning it is generally considered safe to leave wet on the board for short periods of time. is still best practice to not leave this knife to air dry as it's stain-less not stain-none! Wipe down after washing the knife and store away from any sources of moisture.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Vladimir Chernyshev
Amazing knife

I never experienced a sharper knife right out of the box.

Taehyung Kim
Absolutely beautiful knife

Guys please try this one
Especially if you need to handle vegetables finely.
It’s just new world
Hopefully sujihiki restocks soon..!

Thanks team

Takamura SG2 petty

Thin and perform as well as handmade knife twice the price. Competitive price and great customer service from Chef Edge as always.

Great Knife for Light work

this knife is super sharp and ergonomic, perfect for home use when needing to do finer work. That being said I find the steel a little soft if using it professionally, it has a delicate edge and dulls after not much use, it does sharpen back up quickly but I have found the constant need for honing a little tedious during long tasks