Shapton Glass HR Starter Bundle

Shapton Glass HR Starter Bundle

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Includes 1000/6000 Grit Whetsones & Heavy Duty Holder

The GlassStone series of sharpening stones uses a revolutionary design to provide great usability within a thin package formed from a combination of glass layers. The conventional image is that sharpening stones are large and heavy, but GlassStones are not only thin and light, but also strong, as layers of tempered glass are stuck together. GlassStones therefore have strong resistance to cracking or sudden breakage caused by external shocks such as being dropped.

Shapton stones do not need to be soaked except the very first time after purchase. We do recommend that on first use, you pre-soak the stone in water for five to six minutes to secure even smoother sharpening. Shapton stones do not need a Nagura Stone, and lapping with a Nagura Stone will leave the surface rough and ragged.