Tsunehisa Ginsan Migaki Petty 130mm

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Style: Petty
Blade Length: 130mm
Overall Length: 270mm
Weight: 63g
Blade Height @ Heel: 30mm
Bevel: Double Bevel 
Spine Thickness @ Mid: 1.8mm
Blade Material: Ginsan Core, Migaki Soft Stainless Clad
Handle Material: Octagon Oak



Blade Type

The Petty knife, a quintessential tool in Japanese cuisine, is a smaller utility knife used for precise, delicate tasks. Often considered a smaller sibling to the chef's knife, it excels in hand-held tasks like peeling, trimming, and intricate cutting. Its versatility makes it an essential for detailed culinary work.

Steel Type

Japanese Ginsan steel, also known as Silver-3 or G3, is an underrated high-grade semi-stainless steel loved by many for being in the ‘goldilocks zone’ of knife steels. It holds a very respectable edge, but is effortless to sharpen. It is considered the semi-stainless version of White 2. It is the knife steel of choice for many home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Recommended Maintenance

Store it in a dry environment using magnetic strips, knife rolls, or sayas. Avoid hitting hard or frozen objects and twisting the blade while cutting. These knives are not dishwasher safe. Clean with hot water and a soft cloth, and dry immediately after use to prevent rust spots on the high carbon steel. For more information please read the blog below.



Tsunehisa is a collaborative brand of makers from Sakai, Tosa, and other famous knifemaking regions of Japan. These knives draw on the expertise of each region in relation to their particular steel types. For example Tosa is known for their spectacular Ginsan, Sakai with carbon steels. The Tsunehisa brand represent exceptional value for money with fantastic fit and finish paired with the best knifemaking steels Japan has to offer.

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Learning Centre

Knife Care

This knife is made with a stainless steel and is easy going and low on maintenance. It has high chromium content, meaning it is generally considered safe to leave wet on the board for short periods of time. is still best practice to not leave this knife to air dry as it's stain-less not stain-none! Wipe down after washing the knife and store away from any sources of moisture.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tyler Westry
Love it

Absolutely love this knife, its exactly what I was looking for and came sharp out of the box. Super light and nimble. My second Tsunehisa and I will certainly keep buying their knives

Jonathon Tsagris
Really nice little knife

Was looking for a smaller knife to go with my big one and this has been perfect; and at a very good price too

Little knife, big heart

Don't let the size fool you, this utility knife is an excellent little workhorse for any knife work that requires a little more delicacy than your standard chef knife can achieve. Between this and a Gyuto/Kiritsuke from the Tsunehisa Ginsan range you'd have almost all your bases covered to get a huge head start on your home cooking needs without breaking the bank.