Affordable Japanese Chef's Knives

For any keen cook or an aspiring chef, a great knife will transform meals and rejuvenate the kitchen. It can help take your cooking to the next level, improve your chopping, and make cooking that much more enjoyable, not to mention a sharp knife is actually a safer knife.  

Many are put off investing in good knives because they can seem expensive, and it isn't easy to justify when you have multiple knives to buy. If you pick up one of these affordable Japanese chef's knives, you'll purchase one of the only knives you'll ever need. 

As readers of Anthony Bourdain know, you only need one good knife, and these Japanese chef's knives won't let you down.

Before You Get Your Affordable Japanese Chef's Knives

Before buying, you first need to work out what your budget is. If you plan to follow Bourdain's rule, then your budget will be simple. Otherwise, you need to work out how much you can spend on each knife you are looking to buy. 

And that brings us to another thing to consider before buying — what exactly are you going to use your knife for? There are many great Japanese knives with specific uses. Before buying, you need to have decided whether you are looking for a knife with a specific function in mind or one for general use. The main points to consider are high vs low maintenance, longer vs shorter, carbon vs stainless. 

Final Thoughts

There are many affordable Japanese Chef's knives on the market, but don't be overwhelmed by the number of choices. With a little research, it is an opportunity to really take your cooking to the next level, with just one affordable addition.