Nigara Hamono Blue 2 Kurozome Damascus Yanagiba 270mm - Maple

$645.00 USD


Style: Yanagiba
Blade Length: 265mm
Overall Length: 415mm
Height @ Heel: 36mm
Spine Thickness @ Heel: 4.5mm
Spine Thickness @ Mid: 3.2mm
Weight: 242g
Blade Material: Blue 2, Charcoal Etched, Carbon Damascus Clad
Handle Material: Octagon Dyed Maple w/White Spacer
HRC: 63


Blade Type

The Yanagiba knife, a staple in traditional Japanese cuisine, is a slender, long-bladed knife primarily used for slicing sashimi and sushi. Its graceful, single-beveled edge guarantees precise, thin cuts, preserving the texture and integrity of the fish. Revered for its sharpness and balance, the Yanagiba is essential for authentic Japanese food preparation.

Steel Type

Japanese Blue Steel #2, or "Aogami" #2, is a revered high-carbon steel alloyed with low amounts of chromium and tungsten. It strikes an excellent balance between durability, edge retention, and ease of sharpening. Slightly more ductile than Blue #1, it's widely used in crafting traditional Japanese knives, beloved by chefs for its resilience and sharpness, albeit is slightly softer than Blue 1.

Recommended Maintenance

Store it in a dry environment using magnetic strips, knife rolls, or sayas. Avoid hitting hard or frozen objects and twisting the blade while cutting. These knives are not dishwasher safe. Clean with hot water and a soft cloth, and dry immediately after use to prevent rust spots on the high carbon steel. For more information please read the blog below.


Nigara Hamono

Nigara Hamono are truly some of the most experienced knifemakers in Japan. Now on their 8th generation of blacksmiths, they are masters at stainless damascus forging and heat treatment. The Anmon Damascus we have available have a matte finish and are polished underneath, resulting in a brilliant visual contrast.

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Knife Care

This knife is made from a high-carbon steel and as such, will require a little more care than a regular off-the-shelf knife. It must be dried shortly after use, as prolonged exposure to moisture can cause rust spots to appear. A very light coat of oil during storage also helps to prevent rust spots. A patina (colouration and seasoning of the steel) will occur with use.

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