Ultimate Knife Care Bundle 1000/3000

Ultimate Knife Care Bundle 1000/3000

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The Knife Maintenance Bundle was designed to offer incredible value for money with a 1000/3000 grit whetstone with base, guide clip and nagura stone for achieving sharp edges on your knives, and a 10" black ceramic steel honing rod to maintain these edges between sharpening.

The high-grit ceramic honing rod is an essential tool for maintaining the sharpness of your Japanese knives. 

With correct use, it can double your period between sharpening, allowing for easy maintenance of your sharp whetstone edges.   

A high grade ceramic is wrapped around a rubber shock resistant core, protecting the ceramic from breaking if dropped.  

Food-safe Camellia Oil is the most natural way to ensure carbon steel knives do not rust during storage. Camellia is a very light oil, and when applied creates a barrier between your knife and moisture which may rust or damage your blade. It does not affect glue or finishes on your knives.