Suehiro Japanese Whetstone Cerax 320/800 Grit

Suehiro Japanese Whetstone Cerax 320/800 Grit

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These Japanese made whetstones are some of the most popular on the market due to their consistent quality and excellent performance. We find the stones to have excellent feedback and even wear. The 320/800 grit is a great combination stone to start chip repairs, and work your way up to higher grits. We would recommend the 1500 as the next step up, then a higher grit polishing stone for a complete set.

  • Two-Sided Whetstone #800 Red/#320 Grey
  • Whetstone Size 183×63×13 / 183×63×15mm
  • Package Size 240×93×46mm
  • Appr. 1000g
  • Soaking Stone